Truth Dreamer HAS MOVED!!

Mission Statement

This site was created for those that have and do feel alone in their ministries,spiritual journeys or just life in general. This is a place to belong and know you are wanted and loved. Our mission is to learn from each other as human beings in life and through our spiritual/religious journey. We ask that you set aside the stereotypes and dogma of religion and learn from each other.We are not here to attempt to convert others into our personal way of thinking. We are here to uplift each other in the name of love so that we all can be the best human beings that we possibly can be,positive shinning lights in a world full of evil,hate, discrimination and darkness! Be respectful of one another and lift one another up with positive content,open minds,positive attitudes and actions no matter what religious/spiritual path one chooses. All those with a positive attitude,an open mind are welcomed with open arms. May we grow together to be a loving,caring family and to help the world around us grow in love!