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A world of glitery mice and ring tosses

A world of glittery mice and ring tosses.

When the directions in life say you are lost, you may just be on the right path. One afternoon while my husband and I were out running errands without realizing it our GPS stopped working properly. I was lost, which for a directionally challenged person like myself I was thankful that I was still in the same state. Since my husbands return from Iraq and his medical retirement our lives together have changed drastically. My husband is now in a wheelchair due to the affects that serving his country has taken on his body. As a former worker in the healthcare field (most of my life) I have always encouraged those I work with that being in a wheelchair is not a death sentence,yet the opportunity to look at the world and enjoy the little things. As we grow older we realize those are what truly matter the most.

In a drill I am very use to in my life. I found myself once again fighting with time and making a mad dash to finish our errands,find my husband a restroom all while looking for the right directions home. I drove into a parking lot and took the 1st space available. I then helped my husband into his chair as I rush into the building with him. Upon entering the building a little ball of fur jumped out of a cage and landed in my arms. This was not your typical little bundle of fur I quickly realized. As I looked around I realized we were in the local SPCA. As soon as this little bundle of fur landed in my arms,she gently place her paw on my chin to open my mouth and calm me down. She then continued her greeting as she smelled my breathe to asses my body chemistry. Once she decided I was ok she jumped into my husbands lap while in his wheel chair and greeted him the same way. As I asked for the restroom so I could take care of priorities 1st, the workers and volunteers attempted to remove this tiny bundle of fur off my husbands chest. The more they tried the more she fought needless to say she made it very clear we were going no where without her.

Helping my husband use the restroom with a 2.5 month old kitten attached to his lap was more fun than I was looking for that day. I quickly learned a new skill of transferring my husband to the toilet while making sure the poor little kitten did not drown in the process. I braced myself as I have worked with many people with disabilities and helped train animals to assist them but I had never attempted to train a kitten. As the three of us left the restroom this little kitten started screaming at me and pawing at me and still would not be removed from my husband. I knew from my personal experience something was about to happen and I had better pay attention. As we went up to the counter to adopt this little kitten my husband experienced a flash back from his time in Iraq. Lilly and I worked on helping my husband while I attempted to explain to a unbelieving group of people what was happening. Lilly had the instincts and taught me how to teach her, I just had to listen to her. At not quite even a year old Lilly is my husbands service animal. She has jumped through any and every hoop the drs needed for her to be signed off as my husbands fully trained and licensed service animal.

Lilly reminds us of my husbands medication schedule daily, she alerts me when something is not right with my husband. She will wake me when my husband needs me or when my blood sugar levels have bottomed out. She has our hearts and souls and is growing daily in her abilities. She is very in-tune with her humans and while out in public if her humans are doing well she picks up on others emotions and guides me to them to be of help while she loves on them and puts a smile on their face also. Her favorite play time activities include playing fetch with the rings from the milk jugs and her glittery mice. We wake up surrounded by her gifts, glittery mice and rings. When directions in life say you are lost, you may just be on the right path sometimes you just have to stop and listen.

~Gypsy/Truth Dreamer~